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What is Clinical Psychology?


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Clinical psychology is a diverse field. Some clinical psychologists provide psychological services, including assessment, testing, diagnosis, and treatment, to adults and children in hospital and private practice settings. Others conduct research on causes, consequences, and treatment of psychological disorders. Still others work in academic settings combining teaching, research, and clinical work. In order to be licensed as a clinical psychologist or to teach at a college or university, one must earn a doctoral degree from an APA-accredited graduate program. Students who earn a terminal masters in clinical psychology may become licensed clinical professional counselors following completion of additional coursework and field placement hours.

The Towson University clinical psychology MA program adopts an evidence-based practices model. Students receive training in diagnostic, personality, and intellectual assessment, evidence-based case conceptualization and interviewing, empirically supported treatments, ethics, and research methods. The program consists of a minimum of 46 credit hours including a 500 hour clinical or research internship in the community. The purpose of this internship is to permit students to further develop their clinical and research skills. Students who graduate from our program are prepared to apply for admission to doctoral programs in clinical psychology (both PsyD and PhD), work as psychometricians or behavioral specialists, or serve as project directors on applied research studies. A few of our students also go on to become licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPCs).

Is Clinical Psychology right for me?

  • Am I considering going on for a doctoral degree (either PsyD or PhD) in psychology?
  • Am I interested in working with adult or child clients with serious mental illness (for example, Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders) or developmental disorders (for example, Pervasive Developmental Disorders)?
  • Am I interested in receiving extensive training in conducting diagnostic, intellectual and academic assessment of children and adults?
  • Am I interested in working in a hospital, private practice, or academic setting? OR Am I interested in a career in applied research?
  • Am I interested in learning how to conduct/consume research as part of my graduate training?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program may be right for you. Please review the program website pages and/or consider making an appointment with one of the program graduate assistants who can be reached at (410) 704-3221.

If you answered NO to all of these questions, please visit our Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology or School Psychology for more information about those programs.


Towson University: MA in Clinical Psychology

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